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How to install QtCreator on Solaris10?

  • I want to develop on Solaris10. Should I ues "Qt libraries 4.7.1 for Linux/X11" or other Qt libraries?

    And I also want to use QtCreator, so what should I do? How to install QtCreator on Solaris10?

    If you know the details about installing QtCreator, please tell me the steps.

    Thx so much!!!

  • download the xxx.bin and install it

  • If you need to build from sources:

    Get Qt 4.7.1 sources and build it following the instructions found in the tar ball.

    Get Qt Creator sources and follow the build instructions there. Basically it is @/path/to/Qt4.7.1/bin/qmake qtcreator.pro@ followed by @make@.

    It is rather straight forward, even though solaris is not one of the well tested environments.

  • thx lanmanck and Tobias, I'll try。

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