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[Solved]Qt Installation with MSVC or MinGW

  • Hi,
    I have visual studio 2008 installed, with its debugger. But while installing Qt SDK 4.8.1, it only detect the compiler, no debugger detected automatically. The real problem is no way to add a MVS2008 debugger, see the screenshot.


    I also installed the MinGW, and it is listed in the tool chains list correctly, but the problem is I can't select this tool chain for my project, see the screenshot.


    Now, I can build it using MVSC, but no debugger, so kindly help me to solve the issue, using either tool chain.

    Thanking You,

    [edit] picture links corrected, koahnig

  • Please try to make manual configuration in Build&Run section and specify path to the debugger. Additional settings for cdb see in Debugger section.

  • I had tried it, but not worked. Since my system is windows XP, I couldn't find a MSVC debugger. So please let me know how to configure MinGW tool chain (including debugger). Do I need to install

    Qt libraries 4.8.2 for Windows (minGW 4.4, 318 MB)
    Qt Creator 2.5.0 for Windows (30 MB)

    (Now installed MinGW using Offline installer - 1.7 GB)

    from the page

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