Launching application on Windows.

  • Hi, i've got a little problem. In QtDesigner i can build and launch application with no problems but when i do this directly on Windows it gives me an error:

    It means something like 'Entry point of the procedure [...] in library QtCore4.dll cannot be found'.

    Please tell me what informations do you need.

    Any ideas ?

  • welcome to devnet

    A small correction you are not compiling and starting your application in QtDesigner. This must be Qt creator which can call QtDesigner.

    You need to have the appropriate dlls in the same folder as your executable. There are a couple of other tasks with similar problems. Please have also a look "there (e.g. this). ": You may find more by using clicking on the "dependency" tag on the right of your post.

    As a starter you obviously need to copy QtCore4.dll into the same directory as your application. By typically others will follow.

  • Hi, thanks for fast reply.

    This is not my first application in Qt and I'm really not so stupid to forget about copying QtCore dll into application's directory ;) I wouldn't even ask if I find a solution on google or here. Problem seems to come from QtCore4.dll but it's the same I use for other applications which are launching properly. Dependency Walker keeps showing me new dlls needed (I've already downloaded wer.dll, efsadu.dll, ieshims.dll, ncrypt.dll, bcrypt.dll and It's showing me next -.-). Why do I need all of them? I won't deliver app with 50 dlls...

  • Sorry was concentrating a bit too much on second part of your error message ;-)
    Could it be a mix with a different version of Qt?
    Which version you using?
    Which compiler are you using?

  • I doubt. Qt 4.7.0, QtCreator 2.0.1 (as far as i know it uses mingw). Well, I'll try to update.

  • I've updated Qt to new version. Now I can't even launch app in QtCreator (actually I can but only in Debug Mode) and error looks a bit different:

    If others apps works fine It's probably something in the code. But what can cause problem like this? I'm running out of ideas... Anyone knows what could it be?

  • Which compiler are you using? And with which compiler were the Qt librarys built with?

  • Are you absolutely sure you are using the Qt dll version that matches your compiler and -settings? For instance, the Qt version that is used by Qt Creator itself is not the version you want to be using with your application.

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