[SOLVED] content-type missing in HTTP POST, defaulting to application/octet-stream

  • Just upgraded QT to latest version 4.8.1 libraries on Linux Ubuntu box 10.04 from version 4.7.X.

    With the new version I am receiving an error from our server.
    QT provides the following warning message:
    @content-type missing in HTTP POST, defaulting to application/octet-stream@

    Our server wont accept the posted data. This ran fine with previous release.
    I am aware that the default ContentTypeHeader type needs to be explicitly set under version 4.8.
    However even when adding in the setHeader code shown below, I still receive the same error.

    Any ideas? Do I also need to set the contentHeader length field too or is this handled automatically.

    @ QNetworkRequest request;
    QUrl params;


  • contentHeader length is set automatically.

    Sure it wouldn't work. You set headers for request instance but don't use this instance in post request!?



    should look like this:


  • Thanks AcerExtensa. Need to cut back on the coffee. That worked as expected..

  • Glad I could help you. Please add "[SOLVED]" to the left of the topic subject.

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