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Intializing all the structure variable at once

  • @ struct LoadsForAPDLScript
    double JntLCLoad;
    double JntPPLoad;
    double JntLimManLoad;
    double JntLimShockLoad;
    double JntOthLimTenLoad;
    double JntOthLimManLoad;
    double JntBPLoad;
    double JntUltManLoad;
    double JntUltShockLoad;
    double JntOthUltTenLoad;
    double JntOthUltManLoad;
    Is there any way to initialize all the struct variable mentioned above in one line instead of initializing it one by one ?

  • @
    LoadsForAPDLScript variable = {1.0, .5, .1, 2.1, .0, .15/, etc .../}

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