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Qt statically linked to a library -> symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64

  • hey,

    i'm trying to implement a static library that uses qt.
    so far, i am able to build qt sources statically and link them to my library. as soon as i try to include the library to a main application i get several

    bq. Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
    "vtable for NI::NT::ScriptApi::Fields", referenced from:
    ScriptApi::Fields::Fields() in libNTFramework.a(Fields.o)
    ScriptApi::Fields::~Fields() in libNTFramework.a(Fields.o)
    NOTE: a missing vtable usually means the first non-inline virtual member function has no definition.
    ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64

    errors. when using qt built dynamically the errors do not occur.
    checking my library by using

    @lipo -info libNTFramework.a@

    output tells me that everything is built fine for the x86_64 arch:

    bq. Architectures in the fat file: (...)/libNTFramework.a are: x86_64 i386

    @class Fields : public QObject
    friend class ComponentManager;

    QScriptValue scriptValue() const;

    public slots:
    void bind(const QString name, QScriptValue control);
    void set(const QString name, const QVariant value);
    QVariant get(const QString name) const;

    virtual ~Fields();

    QScriptValue m_scriptValue;
    ComponentManager* const componentManager() const;




    QScriptValue Fields::scriptValue() const
    return m_scriptValue;



    @ComponentManager::ComponentManager(QScriptEngine* const engine,
    ScriptableWizard* const wizard,
    Application* const application) :
    s_instance = this;
    m_scriptApiFields = new ScriptApi::Fields();

    //! Delete the ComponentManager and all singletons created by it.
    delete m_scriptApiFields;

    any ideas what i am missing?
    thx in advance!

  • mmh, noone? still struggeling with this... suggestions appreciated...

  • is the the problem description too poor? or noone any experience with this? would be great if someone could lead me into the right direction...

  • welcome to devnet

    Why is your constructor and your destructor private?
    Typically those are public. You want make a special constructor private, if you want to exclude it from use. But there is no other one. I am not sure, if the destructor may be private at all.

  • hi and thx for the welcome... "fields" is a singleton object that is created and managed in the friend class "componentmanager". i declared it private to make sure it is only created once/in the one friend class.

  • I have no experience with singleton objects, but I am wondering how you are constructing a Fields object and how you want to destruct. You need to have a constructor even when managed in a friend class. At least in C++.

  • there is a constructor and the object is created/deleted the common way (see my initial post, i added some lines of ComponentManager.cpp). when using a library that contains the dynamically linked qt sources all goes fine, the application can be compiled/linked and executed.

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