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Qt strategy and supported platforms question

  • Since I started with Qt (about 3 years ago), I had the feeling there was a strong move from desktop to mobile.

    As far as platforms go, Qt supports the major desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). But in the mobile space, it's currently only available on niche platforms (Meego, Symbian). Ok, Symbian might actually have numbers behind it, I would guess Symbian is mostly used by less tech-savvy buyers (who don't care about the OS, to start with), who also are less interested in spending money on apps.

    Support for iOS doesn't look good (Apple won't allow it)
    For Android, there's a community project, but will it become an officially supported platform?
    RIM seems to hire Qt people, but will they still be a player in two years?
    M$ will not allow Qt to run on Windows phone.

    How does the strategy to drive towards the mobile space conform with the lack of platform support?

  • We don't know (yet) - it is a simple as that. Be patient, the next few weeks will bring some enlightenment.

  • Well, there is a commercial ios port and their is an app done using Qt in the Apple appstore. Apple shouldn't have any problem with Qt apps. There are lots of other cross platform frameworks and Apple is accepting apps done using them. For RIM, lot depends on their BB10 phone which is to be released later this year. There is still possibility that Qt becomes an important player in mobile world. Let's wait and see as Lukas said.

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