[SOLVED].ui file shows different on execution than when viewed in the QtCreator

  • As a test, I changed the text on a button from "select"
    to "select 6"

    saved all
    cleaned project
    rebuilt project
    ran using F5 debug
    the button shows up as "select"

    something pointing to the wrong file
    or the save all is not saving everything
    could be ownership or permissions.

    project inherited from a group of projects made by eclipse stored in a workspace file

    I am using qtcreator in Fedora 17

    I checked the lottery.ui file by opening it with qt4 designer externally

    and the internal qt4 designer

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    Might be some residue from Eclipse. Try rerunning qmake, if that does not work, you can try 2 more things:

    • run uic,
    • browse project folder and delete ui_*.h files, then rebuild again.

  • I deleted

    -rw-r--r--. 1 clarice clarice 4201 Apr 27 19:23 ui_lottery.h

    :-1: error: No rule to make target ../Lottery/ui_lottery.h', needed bymain.o'. Stop.

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    UI compiler. You can find it in <qt compilation/installation folder>/bin.

  • not in here:

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    Qt installation, not Qt Creator installation.

  • maybe

    /usr/lib64/qt4/bin/uic-qt4 lottery.ui

    did not produce a replacement file

  • locate ui_lottery.h....everywhere

    deleted all

    started qtsdk or qtcreator using my alias

    alias qtsdk='/home/landon/QtSDKOFFLINE/QtCreator/bin/qtcreator'

    under build->, ran qmake

    Now when I change lottery.ui using the internal designer, the changes show up in the Lottery app window

    I really like this forum...far friendlier than previous Qt forums

    That did it


    I am working way ahead of my knowledge...can't you tell??

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    Well, I call that good attitude. Learning through practice of setting yourself a goal just above your current level of knowledge and experience. That is how I've learned programming, English, and many other things, too :)

    Anyway, glad to hear it works for you. Happy further coding!

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