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How to make the widgets look cool

  • What should i do to make my app look cool, like this one

    for instance what should i do to place a pushbutton on edge of the screen ( like the config button on the top right corner in the above screenshot), or change the shape of the widgets

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    There are multiple ways for achieving that. I would suggest reading the "C++ GUI Programming With Qt 4" + investigating QML (esp. together with Desktop Components).

    In short:

    1. You can use QSS.
    2. You can subclass widgets and change their rendering.
    3. You can subclass widgets to create new ones, like the dialgs, etc.
    4. You can use QML and it's flexibility.

  • I prefer QSS. But current tendentions are in direction of Qt Quick, QML (JavaScript-like language). Read about them on DevNet. Here a big Wiki with information.

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