Creating server application

  • I need create server application which should:
    -support multiple connections;
    -simple web interface for reports.

    Clients will connect via TCPSockets.
    Clients count more than 5000. Clients will connect to server by some timeout and send collected data.
    Is that good idea use Qt only solution for realize that(maybe based on "example": or better use tools like JEE or Python based solutions?

    What solutions did you use to achieve similar goals?

  • Technology is better than WCF I have not seen. The trick is that you write C # code only once, and then using the settings you can create so-called endpoints. Ie you can ask the server to pretend to WSDL service server working with sockets, etc. ... The server can host it in IIS as well as their application or service.

  • I wouldn't recommend Qt for this type of high volume server.
    It might be possible by splitting clients between multiple threads to get around the limits of select(), but you would be better off to look for a server toolkit to implement the server side.

    Qt may be suitable for implementing the clients though.

  • Yes WCF is great thing, i used it few times before. But for now i need some thing which works on Linux(to be exact free-libre system), and the J2EE is best for that. But i would be glad if exist any solution based on Qt.

    [quote author="Shane Kearns" date="1339764501"] but you would be better off to look for a server toolkit to implement the server side.[/quote]
    what kind of server toolkit you can recommended?

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