[SOLVED] Qt Creator spelling checker

  • Hi,

    I'd like to know if Creator is able to warn me when I misspell a method.

    For example, If I write the following It doesn't warn me about "setlayout".

    @ setlayout(mainLayout);@

    Is there anyway to enable this?


  • Does nobody have the same problem?

  • While typing, you get a list of suggestions (after a little delay, or when hitting CTRL+space). That can help you in this case. For the rest, I appreciate it that Creator does not think it knows better than me what I'd like to type. Case is very relevant in C++...

  • I agree with you but sometimes It would be great to have some visual indicator to realize when you misspelled a word and not to have to wait up to compilation to see it.

  • If this were so, it would get irritating very soon... Ex. - setText() and setTime() could be treated as mis-spelt and a warning pops up
    It would be difficult to implement an acceptable version of such a feature

  • I mean It could warn you when you've wrote some method that is not declared(or inherited) in the class.

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    How about setting up a different font/color/etc. for functions? Then the functions that are recognized use the new style and those that are not stay with the default.

    Just go to Tools->Options->Text Editor->Font & Color and change the settings (you will need to copy the default set op colors first as those are read-only).

  • I'm not sure how to do that. For example this methods have the same colors:

    @ nameLabel->setBuddy(nameEdit);

    but the second one doesn't exists, how can I change this behavior ?
    That's what I'm looking for.

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    Just change the color for "Function" to be different from the default settings.

  • "Function" doesn't appear in the list. I'm using qcreator 2.5.

  • There can be problems which are really more important than yours.

    As for example - there is one problem for russian-speaking countries.

    We have letter "а" which is really similar to latin "a" - so when it appears in code - it can cause many problems..

    P.S. You are developer - you and only you must control your code. Qt Creator just helps you.

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    Hmmm... "Function" is definitely there in master:-) I currently do not have a 2.5 around to check, but I would be surprised if this was a recent addition.

  • I've tested it and that's what I was looking for. It doesn't appear in qtcreator 2.5.


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