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Saving rotated QImage

  • Hi There,

    I have a Problem saving rotated QImages. I load an Image, rotate it by some angle and want to save the result.
    Unfortunately the results look very strange, either black or black & white patterns. (for 90° it works)

    Even when i rotate the image and cut out a rectangular part, saving this smaller part has the same problems.

    I somehow could not find any related problems.

  • maybe i should post my code :)

    QTransform trans;
    QImage pic = m_currentImage.transformed(trans,Qt::SmoothTransformation);

    // n18 is a point in the original image, so i map it with trans and calculate borders of the rect used // later
    QPoint tl = ( - QPoint(75,150));
    QPoint br = ( + QPoint(75,150));

    QRect rec = QRect(tl,br);
    // this would cut out the rectangle, it also shows in my program as a perfect rectangle
    // pic = pic.copy(rec);

    QImageWriter w(QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath() + "/imagedat/blub.png","png");

    And the output picture does not look any familiar with the original image. Just totally weird.
    If i set the angle to 90° it outputs the right picture rotated by 90°.

  • If anyone is interested in the Solution:

    I now tried to apply the transformation to the pixmap and converted back to QImage and this works!!!

    I still wonder why exactly this is the case.

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