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GridLayout->addwidget(someotherframe) Gives SegFault

  • I hope someone can help me answer this... For layoutpurposes, I am trying to add a frame to a gridlayout that is attached to another frame. When i do, it generates 10 empty frames of various sizes and thows a segFault. I am creating the new frame in a different function, then adding the widget to a gridlayout which is added to a different frame. Is this allowed? Or is it something else in my code that might be causing it. Thanks.

    @FrameFactory::gridlayout->addWidget(FrameFactory::createFrame_buttonFrameTemplate(), 3, 0,1,6,Qt::AlignLeft
    | Qt::AlignBottom);

  • ok nm found the issue, Did notice that when you do it this way though, QT creates each widget as a separate item until the final frame is created.

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