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Self-destructing Singleton Inheritance

  • I've been trying to implement a super class that is a self-destructing template-based singleton.
    The purpose is that I have a singleton that automatically destructs if it is no longer used. I've managed to do that, but now I want to create a super class which you can easily inherit. Here is what I currently have:

    Singleton super class

    template<typename T>
    class Singleton : public QObject


    static T* instance()
    mInstance = QSharedPointer<T>(new T());


    static QSharedPointer<T> mInstance;


    template<typename T>
    QSharedPointer<T> Singleton<T>::mInstance;

    Singleton sub class

    class MyClass : public Singleton<MyClass>


    friend class Singleton<MyClass>;


    This code might seem "funny", but it works and eliminates the need to re-implement the instance function in the subclasses.
    The only problem is that I need this statement:

    @friend class Singleton<MyClass>;@

    since Singleton uses the protected constructor of the sub class.
    Any suggestions on how I can change/improve my code so that I don't need a friend?

  • I dont think you can do away with that.
    I can add a few more things which dont help the cause but makes it more readable
    Your Singleton class need not be a subclass of QObject.
    You final class doesnt have to drive from singleton. User of the class can simply say
    SIngleton<MyClass>::instance() and you will get the same effect.

  • Yes, I don't need to inherit from QObject, this was just to accomodate signals/slots. But it doesn't matter here.

    Yes, Singleton<MyClass>::instance() will also work, but I want to encapsulate that. So a programmer can simply call MyClass::instance(), without even knowing/worrying about a super class (aka Singleton).

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