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(Newbie) Qt GUI Application

  • Hello All, I'm trying to start a new project using the Qt, but I think that QML is to complex learn in this right momento, so I was thinking to use the "Qt GUI Application"!
    Well, I need to know if it's possible to use the JavaScript on this kind of project to create all interfaces actions e controllers. It's possible?
    I need to start a new application in Qt, but I have experience with JavaScript, Java (Swing), Android, HTML, XML (Xquery, Xpath...) and some others languages/frameworks... How Can I start in Qt and get less thinks to study, produce more with less study?

  • Hi, When you really want to use QML you might want to post this message in the "mobile" section. Qt is pretty great to code in C++ (with some GUI additions). What is your end goal? Why did you choose Qt if you don't have any experience with it?

  • First of all, I need to use a Serial Porta ou USB and Java it's not good enouth to handle with that, then we choose to use Qt because appers to be the best option in the market at the moment.
    We don't need to use as a mobile app, will be a desktop app (Mac OS, Linux and Window).
    C++ and Java is almost like, It's not too hard to learn C++, but If this possible to use JavaScript, will be better for us. It's possible use JS without use QML?

  • Pure C++ with Qt sounds like the right tool in my opinion. Why do you want to use JS? C++ is far superior to JS/QML, in fact, I doubt it's even possible to code sophisticated things like USB/Serial interaction with JS/QML.

  • I will need the C++ to use USB/Serial.
    I just want to know if I could use JS to controle the UI using "Qt GUI Application”, and avoid to use files .qml, I want to use .ui... you know?

  • You can absolutely use .ui with pure C++. Fire up QtCreator, create a gui application (Qt-Widget-Project > Qt-Gui-Application), design your user interface with the built in designer and start coding the UI behaviour in C++. I'm not sure what JS could add to this...

  • Hi!

    If you use "Qt GUI Application", the code must be in C++.

    JavaScript can be used only with QML applications (which, by the way, can be mixed with C++ and JavaScript, AFAIK).

    Take care,

    David Gil

  • Thanks David_Gil, It's all I need to know! I will need to use the "Gt GUI Application" to use C++!

    Thank you very much!

  • you can use qtjambi (java bindings for qt)

  • Qt jambi is just a bit out of date, as it's current support is Qt 4.7.1, not 4.8.1 :-)

  • Another question... Can I make all UI in HTML5 and use C++ to communicate with USB/Serial?

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