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Can't find linker symbol for virtual table for 'QMutexLocker' value

  • I have a class which allows the user read/write access to a array.
    typedef std::auto_ptr<QByteArray> QByteArrayPtr;
    class mem : public QObject
    explicit mem(QObject *parent = 0) : QObject(parent ) {}
    void CleanUp();

    qint32 Write (const QByteArray pbuf);
    QByteArrayPtr Read(const qint32 timeout = ULONG_MAX);

    QMutex mutex;
    QWaitCondition cond;
    QList<QByteArray*> pblock;// memory block



    void mem::CleanUp()
    int size = 0;
    int i;
    QMutexLocker locker(&mutex);
    size = pblock.size();
    for (i=0;i<size;i++) {
    QByteArray *pbuf =;
    delete pbuf;

    qint32 mem::Write(const QByteArray pbuf)
    qint32 writebytes = 0;
    QMutexLocker locker(&mutex);

    if (pblock.size() >= 16) {
            return 0;
    QByteArray *newpbuf = new QByteArray;
    *newpbuf = pbuf;
    pblock << newpbuf;
    writebytes = pbuf.size();
    return writebytes;


    QByteArrayPtr mem::Read(const qint32 timeout)
    QByteArrayPtr block;
    QMutexLocker locker(&mutex);
    if (pblock.size() == 0) {
    cond.wait(locker.mutex(), timeout);

    if (pblock.size() != 0) {
    return block;

    after saving the data into mem i try to read them. But i got the error
    can't find linker symbol for virtual table for 'QMutexLocker' value
    QMutex::lock: Deadlock detected in thread 368
    Do you have any ideas where i do wrong?
    Thank you

  • Are those two errors from the same run? Because if the symbol cannot be found, that is (dynamic) link time error, while the error from QMutex::lock() is a runtime error.

    If they are from the same run, it looks like your app is picking up a different Qt library than you link your project with.

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