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Colon after Windows drive letter confuses Make

  • Need release application created in C:\Program Files\app_dir instead of default release dir. I wrote in .pro file:

    @CONFIG(release,debug|release): DESTDIR += "$$(ProgramFiles)\app_dir"@

    to use system defined variable ProgramFiles. But the Make tells an error: Multiplie target patterns. ProgramFiles opened by qmake in Makefile to line "C:\Program Files\app_dir" and Make confuses with comma after drive letter. It interprets comma as targets delimiter. Probably it is possible force Make get comma as common character using back slash. But if I wrote DESTDIR += "C:\Program Files\program_dir" then qmake replaces all backslashes to "C/:/Program Files/program_dir". Of course this doesn't work too.

    Any suggestions how to properly pass comma in path from project file to Make?

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    Not sure which comma you're referring to. Do you rather mean the colon ":" ?

  • sorry... colon of course... English is not my native, just mixed words

  • Which toolchain do you use? MinGW? If yes, which Qt version? There have been some issues regarding spaces in paths in the MinGW makefile generator. Those that I stumbled upon have been fixed in 4.8.1.

  • The forward slashes should actually work on today's Windows systems. QMake uses them internally, too.

  • agian - this is NOT about slashes

    problem is with colon instead

  • I would open a bug report against qmake here.

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