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Very slow to switch to Design View

  • I am running Qt Creator 2.4.1 to create a QML-based application, and whenever I switch from edit view into design view it takes a very long time before I can see the rendering of the window that I'm working on.

    Trying it just now it took about 25 seconds. The application switches immediately to the design view window, but the central part of the screen just stays gray for 25 seconds before anything appears. It does not seem to matter how simple the content is. Even with a bare rectangle, it takes this long.

    Similarly, when I try to run the application, it builds very quickly (the green bar zips from 0-100% in less than a second) but it takes another 25 seconds or so before I see my GUI on the screen.

    This is really driving me crazy, if anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it.


  • Creator loads the designer plugin, and that in turn loads ton of widget plugins and other stuff, when you switch to the design view for the first time. The second time you switch to a .ui file it should be faster. Is that the same for you?

    About startup time of the application in the debugger, there are just a lot of things that happen when you hit "Debug". A build runs everything is up to date, then the debugger is started which takes time, et cetera. You can see in the build output directory at what time the debugger is started, to get an understanding of what exactly takes that long.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Unfortunately, switching to design view doesn't get any faster after the first time. Each time, it sits there for around 25 seconds before it renders the UI that I'm working on.

    One possible clue is that if I reboot my computer, for a short while, things are considerably faster with Qt Creator: I get essentially instantaneous switching between edit view and design view. After a while, though, it reverts to the very slow behavior.

    Is there any way to get some insight into what is happening with the Creator application during these delays?

    Again, thanks for any help / advice anyone has to offer.

  • I believe I have found the culprit!

    I started methodically shutting down various drivers, etc., and found that as soon as I killed the driver for my Wacom Intuos 3 tablet, everything worked properly.

  • Now that is weird. It may still be related to plugin loading, maybe Qt loads a specific plugin for the input method of the tablet?

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