[Solved] Could not parse stylesheet of widget

  • Hello,

    i get the error in the title when trying to customize a QTableWidget
    the css is this
    @QTableWidget {
    background-image: url(/home/chris/.config/yamp/themes/dark/images/playlist_background.png);

    i tried with background: black; in case that the problem was the image but i get the same error...

    any idea?

  • A good method for checking which syntax the stylesheet will accept for a particular widget is trying to add a stylesheet to that widget via Qt designer - you will quickly realize what is and is not allowed. In this case, you can check some proper syntax examples for the QTableWidget "here":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/stylesheet-examples.html#customizing-qtableview.

  • i find out later that the syntax wasn't accepted and i found out another post about qtablewidget but i doesn't do anything, i can't find it right now

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