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QlineEdit with selectionChanged()

  • Hi
    I'm wondering if someone can help me with this problem in QDesigner, I tried to connect a signal (selectionChanged()) for an EditLine calling a function that can open a QFileDialog. It has been done already under a project using QDialog form but when it comes for a new project with MainMenu as a form type, it does nothing it can't even enter in the called function. I didn't code the signal but I added it in the Signal/Slot Editor.
    Do I need to do something else under MainMenu?
    Thank you for your help!


  • Hi,

    It's hard to say without seeing the code. Does the debug version print something as debug message? This typically happens if a signal/slot connect call fails (which could be a reason).
    Did you implement the slot? Did you implement it in the correct class? Did you call connect or setupUI?

  • Hi, usually when a slot isn't called it is because the connect wasn't correct. In QDesigner you are able the check the signal/slot editor. Might want to debug it with just a simple lineedit update next to it. If that works, the signal is issued. After that make sure you are able to call the desired slot (maybe private member of a different class?)
    good luck, but as Gerolf says, we can't do much without code.

  • Thank you it works!!!! sorry it's my fault, public slot: instead of public: in my .h even if you added the functions manually by right clicking on the form and selecting change signals/slots:
    thank you for your help!

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