How do you get access to widgets in a QDialog created in QtDesigner?

  • I'm showing a QDialog that I created in QtDesigner. How do I get access to the widgets that were added to it so that after the user closes it I can check its state?

  • You don't do that directly because the widgets are private. If you need to extract information from the dialog, from outside the dialog class, then you need to provide public accessor functions in the dialog class.

  • How do you do it then? I created a dialog ui. What do I do with it? The examples are very vague and there seem to be no clear guidance of how to use a qtdesigner created Dialog ui (not a regular widget, but a dialog).

  • You cannot rely on the designer to do everything, you still have to type some code. Either write a public accessor function as advised or go for signals and slots. The dialog itself is a type of widget, so it makes no difference, you can access UI elements created with the designer through the ui pointer.

    Writing accessor functions for private members is C++ 101

  • When calling the outside class function from MainWindow, you could pass a pointer to the widget .

    See my example (CarlStenquist) in
    How to access <widget> in ui placed on other ui:

  • Here's an example of how to set a "Hello World" in a lineEdit of a dialog called TestWidget, before showing it, and how to get the user input from that dialog after it's closed:

    @class TestWidget : public QDialog

    explicit TestWidget(QWidget *parent = 0);

    //add this getter and setter
    void setText(const QString &text_);
    QString getText();

    Ui::TestWidget *ui;

    @void TestWidget::setText(const QString &text_)

    QString TestWidget::getText()
    return ui->lineEdit->text();

    Now calling the widget from MainWindow:
    @void MainWindow::on_actionTest_triggered()
    TestWidget widget;

    widget.setText("Hello World !!!");
    if (widget.exec&#40;&#41; == QDialog::Accepted&#41;
        QString output = widget.getText(&#41;;


    There you go :)

    @CarlStenquist: Please use the Code tag to format your text for better reading.

    Edit: Upps, I just notice this post is so damn old ...

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