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Qt Creator not recognising headers

  • Whenever I try including some uncommon headers, Qt Creator is failing to link them. It says those files don't exist. I searched the installation folder & found that all files are perfectly in there.

    I compiled and created the sis file from the project once. It was working fine. But next day when I opened, it's giving me this error and not compiling. I'm basically stuck with the project.
    Anyone has any idea what to do? Reinstalling n purging has no effect

    ! screenshot)!

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    Add the folder containing those headers to qmake project:
    INCLUDEPATH += path/to/those/headers

    Or even to HEADERS and SOURCES respectfully.

  • Thanks sierdzio, One more question:

    I've those headers in this following address with respect to sdk install folder.
    What should be the path address? Relative to project? Or relative to sdk?


  • It tried doing it. Headers were recognised, but I'm getting around 2000 critical errors!! How weird!
    What's wrong!!

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    Obviously, I don't know what is wrong, you have not given us much clue ;)

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