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Mac App Store

  • Did anyone submit his/her Qt application to Mac App Store? I mean the new Mac App Store for Mac OS X applications (for desktops and macbooks).

    I'm still working on my first Qt application, so I cannot try submitting it myself yet, I need another month or so...

    The reason I'm asking: if Apple accepts Qt applications, I will distribute the Mac version exclusively through Mac App Store, and I will not program my own copy protection and automatic upgrade for the Mac version (App Store will do that). If they reject Qt applications, that's not a big deal, I still will be able to sell my application through different sources, but I will have to program my own copy protection (and trial version), and automatic updates. So I don't know, should I start programming these features, or I can spend my time on other things.

  • ...moved to a separate thread...

  • Could you please open a new thread for this, as it's a completely new topic - thanks.

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