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Linux Fedora 17 installation help required

  • With the Qt Creator or the download of Qt Creator, I can load a project, edit files, but I am not able to use designer or run qmake.

    I installed the Qt SDK to /opt and did not notice any shell script or other means to start the SDK. I drilled into the SDK and found qtcreator executable. Using the Executable from within /opt qmake worked as did designer.

    Is there an shell script or other to copy over the icons and to complete the SDK installation.

  • I just installed Fedora17 with LXDE, I installed QtCreator with Yum Extender and I had no problem. Maybe you should install QtCreator with Yum.

  • I did install it as well using yum, but I wanted the Qt SDK version, as it was more recent. I am not sure if there is much difference.

    Thank you.

    Leslie Satenstein

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    IIRC we copy a couple of desktop files into .local/share/applications of the user installing Qt SDK.

    With you installing into /opt you most likely ran the installer as root, so try copying the files from their into the proper place for the user you use (or into a system wide place).

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