Different versions from different webpages.

  • So far, qtcreator is found in the SDK as one version, on the main download page as version 2.48 and in the same webpage as an announcement that there is an official 2.5 version.

    Please, should not there be one true location where the current version is first, and older versions noted beneath it.

    Since I want to use the Qt SDK, should it not also have the same creator version (2.5).

    And strange as it seems, my Fedora 17 has another version again.

  • Oh, where does it say version 2.48? That needs to be fixed:-)

    The Qt SDK is always a bit behind: Collecting all the different parts contained in it from the responsible teams and then testing and making sure everything really works well together does take some extra time.

    We don't know and have no influence whatsoever on what versions 3rd partys (like linux distributions or other other parties shipping an SDK based on Qt Creator) ship. Sorry.

  • Actually, within the SDK the creator version is 2.4.1 (Downloaded Saturday, June 2, 2012)

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