Compiler needed

  • If I download the QT SDK will I also need to find a C++ Compiler to compile my programs?

  • It depends.

    QtSDK should have provided a MinGW compiler for Windows.

  • On Linux Qt SDK relies on the system compiler, usually GCC.
    On Mac OS X Qt SDK relies on the compiler bundled in Apple's developer suite.

  • Robert: On the Download page it shows the QT Libraries where it has a MingW compiler.

    The SDK download, at top of page, shows some info:-
    Complete tool chain - All you need: simulator, local and remote compilers, internationalization support, device toolchains and more.

    Which suggests it could have compilers in it.

    Thanks for your reply.

    ChrisW67: I will be using Windows to start with. Have just purchased a iMac and had Windows7 installed on it as well, which I have worked with for some time. Mac is new to me for now.

    I just need a simple install to Get Started for Windows with Qt. I notice several applications we use on ur computer are NOW using Qt which has bought my interest to Qt.

    Thanks for the replies.

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