How to access the text of Qtablewidget when selection behavior is select rows

  • I want to access the text of first column of the currently selected row, but I can't find a way similar to that of QtreeWidget.

    @ if(ui->treewidget ->currentItem()->text(0)=="Something")
    // then do something

    but Qtablewidget doesn't support such a feature. So what to do.

  • The table widget equivalent of your tree widget code would be something like:

    int row = ui->tableWidget->currentRow();
    QString text = ui->tableWidget->item(row, 0)->text();

    The current item and current selection are not necessarily related though. If you allow only single selection and have QAbstractItemView::SelectRows set then QTableWidget::selectedItems() should contain only one item with row == 0.

  • thanks a lot for such a nice reply!

  • There is a bit problem with
    @ ui-

    tableWidget->item( row, 0)-

    the program crashes at this statement if the row is empty, if there is no text.

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