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[Solved] Qwt: Arrows pointing to data outside of current range

  • Hi,

    I am currently developing an application that plots data with Qwt and today I got an idea how to improve the usability.
    I want to limit the range of data that is displayed from -2 to 2 on the x and y axis as this is the important part of the data.
    Currently I am doing this with following code:

    this->plot->setAxisScale(QwtPlot::xBottom, -2, 2, 0);
    this->plot->setAxisScale(QwtPlot::yLeft, -2, 2, 0);

    But as there might be data outside of the range I had the idea to provide an arrow pointing in the dircetion of the points that are outside of my range, so the user is aware of these points.
    I have drawn an image to illustrate my idea (see attachment). The orange box should display the range, the black dots the data points, and the red arrows should point in the direction of the points that are outside of my range.


    Does anybody already use something like this or knows by any chance a nice way how to implement something like this.

    Any help on this is realy appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,


  • Solved: After solving the problem how to insert an image into the plot it was not that hard to implement.

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