QtQuick 1.0 with QtCreator [Linux Ubuntu]

    1. After i compiled new Qt release [4.7.1] i configured it in QtCreator [Tools->Options], the way i been always doing [usually on Windows - i am new to Linux but i guess its the same].

    2. [File -> New Project.. -> QML Application] This is the place where the problem appears... Like always Creator generates 2 files.. but it imports "Qt 4.7" and when i change to "QtQuick 1.0" and at Run Setting change path to QML viewer from 4.7.1 dir it seems to work fine but Creator underlines all QML Components with red line as it would not recognize them even i have import statement [import QtQuick 1.0]

    Any ideas ?

  • Also at options [File -> New Project.. -> QML Application] i can see that "Qt in PATH <not found>"

    I tried:

    export PATH

    but still <not found>

    is there some other way how to set the PATH ?

  • Thantatos: Just click on the little "plus" right of the "Qt in Path" and add a new Qt version that way. Basically all you need to do is provide a path to QMake.

    No fiddling with your path necessary that way:-)

    You can check the PATH creator sees in the project mode by the way: The build settings can show the complete environment exposed to the project and that by default is very similar to what creator was started with.

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