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QML Video Element crash

  • I've just installed Qt 4.7.1 and QtMobility 1.1 Final, to play with QML. But when I run my simple QML project qmlviewer crashes. Here is my code:

    import Qt 4.7
    import QtMultimediaKit 1.1

    Video {
    id: video
    width : 800
    height : 600
    source: "video.avi"

     MouseArea {
         anchors.fill: parent
         onClicked: {
     Keys.onSpacePressed: video.paused = !video.paused
     Keys.onLeftPressed: video.position -= 5000
     Keys.onRightPressed: video.position += 5000


    QtCreator doesn't show any errors. I beleive QtMobility is installed properly, because the Audio element works very well - plays music, etc., but the Video... Have I done something wrong? I'm runnibg Windows XP SP3.

    By the way, even when qmlviewer crashes I still can hear the movie's sound.

  • Hi,

    It shouldn't be crashing. Could you add a bug report via "" for this?


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