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QT 4.8 and gif image support

  • Hey Guys,

    I recently switched from static to shared lib build and first thing in 4.8.2 I saw was my gif image in a label (animated gif) was not appearing.

    The image returns invalid.

    Checking the configure options,

    -qt-gif (has been removed from 4.8)

    "Configure Options 4.8": <- Seems Incorrect

    Now building QT configure output shows

    Third Party Libraries:
    ZLIB support............qt
    GIF support.............plugin

    however once building it I only see empty folders created inside the qt src dir\plugins

    I guess I need to take the plugin dll's to my app executable folder as well for GIF support but I cant seem to figure out where they are or if they failed to build.

    Is there anything particular to pass in the configure / nmake command to request building plugins?

  • IIRC, nothing special need to do.

    Download the source code, then

  • Yeh that would sort it too, but that also builds everything with default configure.

    I was just building specific libraries with nmake sub-***

    Just needed to add sub-plugins

  • Change into the plugin directory, then run

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