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Custom repo in SDK Maintenance Tool

  • Hi,

    I'm currently developing a custom Qt library which I want to distribute and update as easy as possible for my customers. So I was thinking of packaging my library into an updater repository (using repogen from the qt installer framework), upload the repository to my own server and then simply add the custom repo URL in the Qt SDK Maintenance tool settings.

    The tool however doesn't display my custom package. So does the tool only show packages which were declared while compiling the installer or is there a possibility to re-use the installer tool like intended?


  • Ok, I guess I got it after looking through the sources of the installer framework. THe additional repo settings are for using another repo with the same packages (not additional), e.g. if the main server is down.

    So I'l try to create my own installer with Qt already included.

    Thx anyway.

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