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Build *both* static and dynamic libs

  • I'd like to set up a project that will build both static and dynamic versions of a library. There are no Qt dependencies here anywhere.

    It looks to me as if I might be able to do something like:

    CONFIG += staticlib
    CONFIG += dll

    But if I do this, then only the DLL version gets built. Is "dll" overriding "staticlib" here?

    I'm clearly doing something very obvious wrong. Can somebody sort me out here?


  • staticlib and dll are mutually exclusive. The last one that is set should win.

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    Does "CONFIG+=static_and_shared" work?

  • Can I compile with Qt libraries staticly ?

  • [quote author="aabc" date="1338465608"]Can I compile with Qt libraries staticly ?[/quote]
    Yes. You can create your own static Qt libs and use them. You can also have your own static libs and use them with standard Qt dll/libs.

  • I mean How can I compile my application with Qt libs (like QtGui, QTCore etc.) staticly (QtGui.lib and not QtGui.dll)

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