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QIODevice and QAudioOutput

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to get QAudioOutput working in pull mode, so I can output audio buffers in real time. I have subclassed QIODevice and implemented the method readData(char *data, qint64 len). Then I passed this subclass to QAudioOutput::start(QIODevice* device). So far everything works as it should: My readData copies data from a QByteArray to the memory pointed to be the data argument, and I can hear the sine wave output. But len always has a value of 16384, regardless of how I setBufferSize on the QAudioOutput instance.

    For example, if I do setBufferSize(256) and afterwards do qDebug() << audioOutput->bufferSize(), it says 256. periodSize() returns 2048, which is logical for the size in bytes because it's 8 * 256. But still len has a value of 16384. Why is that?

    And how can I ask my QAudioOutput instance what len value it's going to give me before I start() it? I need to prepare my other program parts (qreal arrays) to the right size.

    [EDIT] After some more tests, it seems like QAudioOutput returns different values for bufferSize() before and after start(). Before start(), it returns 256, but after start() it returns 4096.

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