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Qt 4.8.2 included in latest SDK or not?

  • On it says:

    [quote]The Qt SDK version 1.2.1 released on April 11th contains:

    • Qt libraries version 4.8.2[/quote]

    But when I download the latest SDK installer and select "Custom", then only Qt 4.8.1 (or older) can be selected.

    Is this a typo on the download page or do I miss something?

  • IMO, someone who replace all the 4.8.1 with 4.8.2 cause this problem.

    From the information given by in maillist:

    bq. Qt 4.8.2 will be available trough maintenance tool later. It will most likely be released with Qt SDK 1.2.2 update. Currently we are waiting for the final fixes for the mobile targets.

  • Thanks for clarification!

  • I see that Qt SDK 1.2.2 still isn't out. Thought it would be just about to be released.

    Can't find any updates. Is there any release schedule?

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