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Commercial usage of QML components for desktop

  • Hi!

    We are currently developing a commercial (closed-source) GUI application based on Qt and decided to use QML as well. We also evaluated the components for desktop and found them suitable for our basic needs (just some buttons and checkboxes with native looks). Thanks for the great work to you and the other developers!
    However, we do not know which license terms apply and whether commercial usage is allowed. I looked at the source files: some have a BSD-"header", some have no information at all and most say that either Commercial usage is not permitted (under the technical preview license) or alternatively LGPL can be applied.
    Could anyone please try to clarify on this?

    Also, if it is LGPL, how would you deploy the qml files? I suppose it should be sufficient to deploy the directory as is, i.e. not compiled into a qresource. That way it would be possible to exchange the whole desktop-components-library without touching our executable. What do you think?

    Kind regards,

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    Licensing for components is, AFAIK, undergoing changes right now. I think that BSD license will be applied to the whole project - but don't trust me, I am saying just what I remember from a thread on mailing list a few days ago.

    In order to get a real concrete response you should rather target developers themselves on mailing list or IRC. You can also ask Digia, but this is a bit out of their scope, since components are not officially in Qt yet. Also, remember that components are still a Labs project, so BC and SC rules that govern Qt do not apply there yet.

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