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Link against a widget library

  • Hello

    I'm experiencing a nightmare while trying to link against my widget library in Windows. I have a widget library (designer plugin) which works in Linux properly. But in windows, after compilation, I can't find a way to link against it. Projects using those widgets refuse to compile with linker. (Errors of kind undefinded reference to everything in that library.)

    I've changed my .pro file and add absolute path of library files (both .a and .dll files):

    LIBS += C:/some/directory/libmyplugin.dll \
    And also I would like to know the path to copy designer plugins.

    Qt: SDK 1.1.3 with MinGW 4.4 on Windows 7

  • In short, you should not use plugin in such a way, though it will work if you have exported symbols properly.

    BTY, you had better distinguish widget library(whether you widget located) and designer plugin(used only by your designer). Don't mix them together.

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