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Installation Problems

  • Hi, I just reinstalled my whole computer and tried installing Qt IDE. I had it on my old install and it worked fine. I don't remember any issues when installing it last time. This time however, I've encountered 2 problems.

    I went to the site and d/l the only Windows offline installer file that available which was Qt SDK 1.2.1. Installed it on my non system partition i.e. D drive (system Partition is C) in the D:/QtSDK folder

    1.) Upon launching I got my first error:

    Plugin initialization failed: Could not find maintenance tool at 'D:\QtSDK/SDKMaintenanceTool.exe'. Check your installation.
    I had a look around and it appears to be a bug, however I couldn't find any solutions for it. In the D:/QtSDK/temp folder, I found SDKMaintenanceToolBase installer but when I click on it, nothing happens...

    2.) Second problem is that I don't have a valid Qt version. Whenever I try to create a new project it comes up with that error and I'm unable to proceed and when I open old project, I can't compile anything.

    Not sure how to solve these problems.

  • Well this must be some kind of joke... can't uninstall Qt without SDKMaintananceTools???

    EDIT: Well... I just ended up deleting the Qt folder off my hard drive and installed an older version which appears to be working fine now. Definitely something wrong with the latest installer.

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