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[QTBUG-26330]QML WebView resizing and redraw bug?

  • Hi folks, I have found really annoying isssue that I can't stand (because I don't know where the problem is)... is it the bug
    "QTWEBKIT-352": ?

    I have found quite big solution via C++ (creating new WebView object and do stuff there)...
    Please help me, because this drives me mad. I have already dumped sizes (height/width) of all objects. Sizes of objects are correct, nothing to do with it.

    Some description: After resizing from set up width and height that web view resizes too, but does NOT redraw webpage. As you may see, Google shows normally, as it was on normal screen - content moves from left to right as it was normal resizing. But after some width/height it shows white place (I don't know what is it) and after that transparent...

    Platform: Windows 7 Professional x32, Qt 4.8.0 (QtSDK 1.2.1), MSVC 2010

    Thanks, folks.

    ! Qt WebKit bug?)!

  • Well, problem found - it's problem with preferredWidth and preferredHeight. After that - I have set up to "full size" of window. But, how to make it redraw??

  • No clue from anyone here? :D...

    Gosh, I am gonna do everything myself.

  • report it as a bug?

  • I think you might wanna resize via the preferredHeight and preferredWidth property.
    I've seen this bug, but it dint create an issue for me as I dint do the resizing via webView height and width.

    Even if problem persists, you might wanna insert a javascript to resize the page on change of dimensions? Too complex route though

  • Well, that's it! This is the problem... I am using preferredWidth and preferredHeight - you see what it does. There are few others problems that I have discovered:
    I wanted to create a new type of QGraphicsWebView as mentioned me somebody here, but I have discovered bug:
    "QDeclarativeView bug ... [QTBUG 25999]":

    Well, I was tryin' how to force repaint the app, but it looks like you can't in QML do that...
    "Forcing Repaint ":

  • So bug persists even on using preferredWidth and preferredHeight?

  • Yes, persists. I will push it as a bug, I think...

  • That's weird since I'm doing this thing in my app without problem. It resizes for me. I'm using it on the google oAuth login page

  • Well, I will try it again - well, now it's in Flickable element, so I will try not to use that parent element... I will say results after I will try that.

  • I think the google classic page won't work. Try some dynamic page like the mobile login page.
    I think doesn't resize for me either

  • Hmm... so the solution is to make some additional JavaScript... I want to make google useable for everyone...and it would be disaster if it wouldn't work...

    but wait, I have mentioned it don't work on any website... I am confused...

  • I'm confused too :P

  • Well, here I am and voi lá...I have found the black sheep of QtQuick - Flickable element - WebView as child of Flickable after resizing DOES NOT redraw it's own content...

    // EDIT:
    No, the problem resists in WebView. Pushing bug.

  • If anyone is interested in at least having a quick fix, you can disable the WebView's rendering during the resize by using a timer.

    My fix looked a bit like this:

    @Item {
    id: root

    onWidthChanged: renderingTimer.restart();
    onHeightChanged: renderingTimer.restart();

    Timer {
    id: renderingTimer;
    onRunningChanged: webView.renderingEnabled = !running;
    interval: 100;

    WebView {
    id: webView
    preferredWidth: root.width
    preferredHeight: root.height

    With the item object placed inside a Flickable.

    If you have a better fix, don't hesitate to correct me.

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