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[Solved] QSpinBox: how to signal only when editing finished?

  • QSpinBox normally emit signal valueChanged(int) for each key stroke, so if I want to insert "123", I receive 3 signals for 1, 12 and 123. I need to known when the user has completed the input, so to receive only one signal for the complete number 123.

    I known I can connect to the signal editingFinisched(), but this only partially resolve my problem since I also want to be signaled even when the user step up/down (this is considered a "complete" input) and if I setValue() programmaticly.

    How can I do that?

  • Thanks, it is exactly what I need. And sorry, it could be found in the documentation but I really miss the point while looking for a solution (too much concentrated on signals and slots)

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