Anyone able to compile a Windows custom Qt Multimedia framework with bugfix?

  • The QAudioInput class -- under Windows, but not under OSX -- has an INCREDIBLY annoying and thoughtless limitation of 48000 hz maximum sample rate. I believe this to be the case with both 4.7 and 4.8.

    It would be beyond awesome if someone could create libs with that limit stripped out of there, as it is not only unnecessary, but senseless and an impediment to any modern implementation of meaningful audio input.

    AND its completely breaking my application. :(

    This line has to change:

    else if (settings.frequency() < 8000 || settings.frequency() > 48000) {
    qWarning("QAudioInput: open error, frequency out of range (%d).", settings.frequency());

    in file "qaudioinput_win32_p.cpp"

    I would suggest the following...

    else if (settings.frequency() < 8000) {
    qWarning("QAudioInput: open error, frequency out of range (%d).", settings.frequency());

    ...but if you feel there should be a limit, then this...

    else if (settings.frequency() < 8000 || settings.frequency() > 192000) {
    qWarning("QAudioInput: open error, frequency out of range (%d).", settings.frequency());

    ...will probably suffice for at least the next six months or so, given the current state of audio sampling, etc.

    I've considered going in there with a hex editor and trying to hot-patch the thing, but it'd sure be better for everyone if the lib was actually fixed.

    ...looks hopefully around...

  • surely someone can do this?

  • If you want this to go into the regular Qt sources, I would recommend opening an issue in the "public bugtracker": But I wouldn't expect that it gets accepted, as Qt 4 is more or less in maintenance mode only. I don't know for the reasons of the limitations, but I'm pretty sure there are/were some at the time that code has been written.

  • What I am asking for is for someone to recompile the 4.7 and 4.8 libraries for Windows with the above change made (hopefully that's all there is to it... because good grief, my grievously underpowered net-top can run 96 kHz audio in just this way.) I would certainly work with anyone willing to make the attempt.

    I have users who are being severely disadvantaged by this issue. I don't have a Windows system that can do the job, nor can I afford one, or I'd try and figure out how to do it myself.

  • Still no one...

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