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Some good news for Symbian ?

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    The N9 is a MeeGo (Harmattan) phone, not Symbian.

  • The link speaks about Nokia further supporting Belle. You need to scroll down a bit. I should have mentioned that.

  • After almost a year of starvation, and a profit loss of 1,7 billion in the first Q3 of 2012, Nokia
    is NOW starting to sell the N9 in the US, only NOW ? And they also will sell the Pure View in the
    US has it was not initially planned ?
    What a bunch of retarded people the guys running Nokia.
    Nokia was in the past a sane company, driving inovation, driving good politics towards
    the opensource comunity and the developers. The new Nokia envisioned by thoose retard people is a scary thing, it's all about not respecting the consumer, nor the developers, it's about having the best phone in the world but not putting it to sell because it's not Windows Phone, and I will stop for now.
    I apolagize because my post it's all about rating and it's getting nowhere. My respects and
    salute to all true Nokia and Qt workers, as for those running Nokia what a bunch of retard people.

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