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How to get row and column in QTablewidget?

  • hi

    i create 3 row and column Qtablewidget. last column have QPushButton. How to write clicked() event?
    How to get particular row and column in Qtablewidget?

    i try...
    @QPushButton *btn_attempt = new QPushButton("CDiff");@
    @connect(btn_attempt, SIGNAL( cellClicked(int,int) ), this, SLOT( RemarksCall(int, int) ) );@

    @void tableDialog::RemarksCall(int row, int col)
    QMessageBox msgBox;
    QTableWidgetItem* theItem = ui.tableWidget->item( row, col);
    QString theText = theItem->text();

    but not get row and column value

  • Hi,

    You can have a look in "here": , There a QTableView is used instead of QTableWidget(your requirement).

    Your code work's for other cells in the tableWidget if i write,

    @ connect(ui->tableWidget,SIGNAL(cellClicked(int,int)),this,SLOT(remarksCall(int,int)));@

    Also try to Right Click on your pushButton. It will show a messageBox with row and columns. You need to handle for Left Click.

    You can have a look at "QSignalMapper":

    Also in line 4 it should be

    @QTableWidgetItem* theItem = ui->tableWidget->item( row, col); @

    instead of ui.tableWidget :)

  • QPushButton does not have a signal cellClicked(int,int). It has, for example, a clicked() signal, that you can connect to your slot. clicked() doesn't have any arguments, you'll have to do some bookkeeping yourself, for example using a [[Doc:QSignalMapper]].

  • hi, try this
    connect(ui->tableWidget, SIGNAL(doubleClicked(QModelIndex)), this, SLOT(getText()));
    // or
    connect(ui->pushButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(getText()));
    void tableDialog::getText(){
    QString text;
    text = ui->tableWidget->item(ui->tableWidget->currentRow(), ui->tableWidget->currentColumn())->text();

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