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QMYSQL driver not loaded. Can you help me please.I'm so tired.

  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premiun
    QtSources: 4.8.1
    QtCreator: latest version.
    MysQl: Mysql 5.1.x

    connection error.->>>>QMYSQL driver not loaded.
    help me please.
    transactions ->>>
    ->>>Qt online installer full setup execute
    ->>>Mysql 5.1.x setup execute
    ->>>mingw-utils-0.3.tar.gz copy directory setup
    ->>> build-run
    error :) error :) error :)

    Qt Creator removed
    Qt Sources removed
    Mingw removed
    mysql removed
    computer cleaning :)



    Please describe the sequence of operations
    but, video help. because ı dont know much english.
    qt,mysql setup, and mysql connect video help please.
    Was 1 month.

  • This could be useful : [[doc:sql-driver]]

    Take a look at the available drivers in your system.. QMYSQL driver is not present right ?

  • Hi Rahul Das ...

    can u tell me the which one is ... good for database ... so we can instal and connect through the QT source code ..

    Thanks And Regards


  • @ Govind : Welcome to devnet. Its a good idea to start a new topic than continuing here, as long as we dont talk about the same issue.

    And , well... I am not expertised in databases. If i am free to choose ,i usually go for mysql. or if its filesystem based, then sqlite.

  • Hi Rahul thanks for reply ....

    now connected the database using sqlite and Mysql. now i am doing one more project google chat .. i have got one link .. like ....

    but i am not understanding how can i takes frame the for visibility status .. please help me for the this condition ....

  • Sorry for the delay.. By the way, have you opened the UI in your designer ?

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