[Solved] Weird Qt Trojan Error

  • Something interesting for today:

    I've created my own program with a couple of classes. One of the classes (Logger) has a single static function(debug) which has a single cout statement to print out the QString parameter.
    One of my classes has a destructor that looks as follows:

    delete list;

    As said before, Logger::debug("hello") just has a single cout statement. list is QList with a bunch of QPoints.

    When I compile and run the program, my BitDefender gives me a virus warning ("Trojan.Peed.IWW") and deletes the freshly compiled exe file. If I remove either one of the lines in the destructor above, everything works fine.

    Is this a Qt bug, or is BitDefender's virus signature detection a little bit of?

  • Well, of course I guess it's a false positive.

    I think you can add some dummy instructions (instead of removing) for the moment, in order to trick BitDefender. When you'll write some code more, maybe the problem will go away by itself :)


  • It's fun:)

  • I've replaced Logger::debug("hello"); in the destructor with a simple cout statement, and now everything is fine.

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