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QT project to Visual Studio 2010 include path missing

  • Hello,
    I have a project created in QT (QT SDK v 1.2.0, QT libraries v. 4.8.0) and need to convert it to Visual Studio 2010 project (QT VS addin 1.1.10). I use QT -> Open Qt Project File (.pro) ... in VS for the conversion.

    The project can be built in QT creator, however it is not possible to build the converted project in VS because there is "./" include path missing. The .pro file contains the include path (INCLUDEPATH += ./), but during conversion, it is neglected. I need this include path, because ../../Library/MyFile.c includes ./Hardware.h header file.

    How to fix it?

    Of course, I can add "./" include path to VS project's include paths by hand. But that is not the solution I need :)



  • welcome to devnet
    There is already a "bug report filed on JIRA":
    You may want to log into jira and vote on the issue getting it a higher priority.

  • Hey There,
    my problem seems to be very similar to that of gaminn:

    I try to compile QT 5.0.0 sources with Visual Studio (VS) 2010 in the command line of VS. The compiler is in lack of a header file which indeed exists. All efforts to include this header files, e.g. via
    @INCLUDEPATH += "C:/QTSources/qtwebkit/Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE/include"@
    in the .pro file failed so far. The missing path shows neither up in the generated Makefile nor in any of the compiler options - well, which are driven by the Makefile.

    For further details, see also my post in "here":

  • Silmilar problems, none of the QT Creator created .pro files open with VS2010. Same with Qt 4.8.3 or 4.8.4 Creator 2.6.0 + vs-addin-1.1.11.. Please fix this, a big time waster globally if you look at all the similar reports all over the net.


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