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QT5 qtwebkit

  • Hi
    Anybody compiled with QTWebkit in QT5 alpha release?

    I was trying to cross compile QTWebkit for MIPS based platform. The plaform supports OpenGL ES2.0. Hence I configured with @-opengl es2@

    While compiling qtwebkit, it gave error in graphics/qt/GraphicsContext3DQt.cpp

    Error: "GL_READ_FRAMEBUFFER_EXT" is not declared.

    This is supposed to Compile only if Desktop version (full) OpenGL is enabled.

    I am not sure if I am missing some thing. Let me know if any body has any pointers on this issue.

    For full config details :

    @/configure -opensource -prefix /home/user/qt5/install -arch mips -xplatform linux-nxs-mipsel-uclibc-g++ -opensource -nomake tests -no-xcb -eglfs -no-mips_dsp -opengl es2 -qt-zlib -qt-libpng -confirm-license -qt-libjpeg -qt-pcre -verbose@

  • I'm pretty sure WebKit is supposed to build with OpenGL ES 2, so I suggest you file a bug about it.

  • I was able to pass through this issue. While configuring the webkit I passed:

    My qtwebkit configuration now is as given below :
    @perl Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt --install-libs=output --release --no-3d-canvas@

    After that its compiling without any issues.
    Any body has explanation for this?

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