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Program Startup takes a long time.

  • I'm following the tutorial ( ) but it takes 40 seconds for the program to appear when I hit run. Why is it taking so long?

    (btw...are the tutorials ever going to be updated? There are still mistakes in it and also small changes, for example main using char *argv[] instead of char **args)

    Does this have anything to do with the build using MSVC compiler? If so, what happened to the gnu one? I see no option for it.

  • Is the qmake;make step taking so long (i.e. building/compiling the application) or is actually the application startup taking so long?
    What's your code and your system specs?

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    How are you trying to start the application? If you start from withing Qt Creator, do those 40s include the building of the application? What OS/hardware are you running on?

    What is wrong wrt. argv and args?

  • It was the actual startup of the application that was taking so long. Building was quick. I uninstalled Qt and reinstalled, without messing with the options for installation and now the program shows up quickly.

    I wonder if messing with installation options the last time I installed caused something to go missing and that might have been what was slowing it down.

  • Do you remember what you changed in the last config exactly? It would be really interesting to know what caused this...

    (You didn't accidentally hit valgrind profiling instead of the normal run, did you? That causes this magnitude of slowdown.)

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