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Buttons in a Flickable item

  • I'm using QML on an embedded platform with touch screen capabilities (using tslib). Everything seems to work great except the following:

    1. I have about eight buttons in one of the views (using ListView and VisualItemModel). If I start tapping buttons, they usually work. However about every ten button selections, it completely misses and the onClicked() doesn't fire.

    2. The Flickable Element is too sensitive. When I tap on the screen to select a button, it can easily start a drag movement; it doesn't completely flick to the next screen, just "wiggles" the screen a bit and it settles down. I've tried modifying boundsBehavior, pressDelay, verticalVelocity, etc. to no avail. It seems like I should be able to control this so that it doesn't try to go to the next screen unless I really swipe it.

    Any ideas on how to resolve this issues is much appreciated!



  • The Flickable sensitivity can be changed. If you are running qmlviewer, you can set the -dragthreshold option; otherwise, in a C++ app, use QApplication::setStartDragDistance().

    This may also fix the issues with the button selections if the Flickable is picking up flicks when it shouldn't because it is too sensitive.

  • Thanks! This solved all of my issues!

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