Integrating QT and ITK

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    I'm using VS2010 under win7 64bits. Actually I'm working on a project that can perform co-registration for tomographic images. I'm programming with C++ using ITK according to this web site:
    ITK is really a powerful tool for image processing and 3D reconstruction. The problem is, it doesn't provide a GUI.
    I found QT useful for graphic interface and a lot of companies use it!
    First, I would let you know that I'm new with QT! I downloaded the latest version :
    I did some example with QTCreator and I founded really interesting and helpful for my project. Now, My question is, I want to combine or integrate a C++ project with QT (I mean still reprogramming under VS2010 and use QT as an GUI output) and I really don't know how to proceed? For example, when I downloaded ITK, I had to use CMake to create a project and call ITK libraries from a specific file (CMakeList), do I need to do the same thing with QT? if yes, how? do I need to configure my VS? Any information or hint would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you !


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    Hi Massinissa,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm not familiar with Itk, but there are some posts on this subject already:
    "Link to topics tagged with itk":
    You can find them easily by clicking on the itk tag on the right of your screen.

    Hope these help to get you going.

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